November 14, 2015

Take A Creative Approach To Website Design

This is a great article for anyone who wants to break into web design, either for themselves or as a career. The article below discusses insightful information that you can use to start your own web design journey. No matter what your level of experience, there is always more to learn. Use fixed-position navigation so that users can navigate easily. This technique involves locking a site’s navigation panel in place as the visitor scrolls down the page. This is convenient for the user and for Internet marketers since it lets users perform desired actions like signing up for newsletters or buying products. While you might be inclined to add a lot of bells and whistles to your website, flashing graphics, loud music and neon colors will just distract from the purpose of your website. Visitors who are bombarded by too many sights and sounds might be inclined to leave your website before they even start browsing. Keep the colors simple and the content relevant and your website design will be a winner. Different topics should not inhabit the same page. If your website covers a variety of different topics, put these topics on separate pages. This makes your website easier […]
November 12, 2015

For A New Approach To Web Design, Read This

Are you looking to build a good looking website? Do you have what it takes to create a good website? It’s web design. If your website looks bad, then you’ll definitely have a hard time of things. No need to worry though as this article will give you the help you need. The tips you are about to read will explain much of what is involved with web design. Color combinations are key in branding your website. The text on your web pages, in particular, needs to be clear and easy to read on the colors you choose for your backgrounds. It is generally agreed upon that dark text on a light background is the easiest to read. If you need help determining weak points of your website, show your current version to a friend for feedback. Check your copy for broken links before you publish your page. A visitor will get very annoyed when they click on a link that takes them to either a blank page or one that gives them an error. You can do this manually or run a software program if you like. Always mark files that must be opened in an external program with […]